How A Tablet Transformed My Business


My Backstory

Like many people, I run a business from home. And since I have a great desktop computer I avoided buying a tablet. I figured I didn’t really need one so why would I bother to spend the money on a tablet? The best tablets are very expensive and I figured unless I needed one it would be a waste of money. Well, I was utterly wrong. It was a tablet that allowed me to get my business to the next level and without trying the tablet I never would have realized how useful they can be.

I was gifted an iPad Pro for my birthday and I was amused by it at first but never realized how much it could help me with my work. Then I started looking more and more into what it can do and trying to do things that could help my business and I was startled by how very helpful it was. I sell items from home so a desktop is necessary for me.

But I never realized how useful a tablet can be for things like photographing items that are for sale. With the excellent camera, I was able to take high-quality photos of my items, edit them for the website and share them on social media all from one device. I was able to photograph them in my studio instead of moving.

The things you are able to do with a tablet is incredible

What I Noticed

I realized that I could easily live stream or hold sales. That turned out to be a total game changer for my business. Each week I would go live on my Facebook page and sell off items. I was easily about to access my favorite dating apps (for fun!)

I would number each item, go live with my iPad Pro, and hold up each numbered item and talk about it. On my Facebook page, people would comment if they wanted a particular item and I would mark it sold and then they would send me the payment after the live stream was done. After I started doing that my weekly online sales became so popular I kept doing them for new items as well as clearance items and people were flocking to those online sales.

The iPad Pro also allowed me to take payments for my products anywhere, which totally changed my ability to get sales. Just last week I sold an item in the grocery store. I happened to be wearing one of the scarves I made and a woman was so entranced by it. I took her credit card payment with my iPad Pro and handed her the scarf. Tablets can do so many different things that they will streamline your business. It even has ripoff alert if you download it. A home business should have a tablet computer to make running the business easier.

Author: Grace M Simpson