Long-Lasting Tiles on a Budget: DIY Cleaning Tips for Your Tiles

Everyone wants their things to last a long time. With a highly durable material, you can save a lot on your resources. And cleaning such things properly contributes to their longevity. Which is why many want to go DIY on cleaning their stuff. This includes the tiles around their home. And with the right DIY cleaning tips for your tiles, they will outshine and outlast those that others, even professionals themselves, clean.

How to Clean Tiles By Yourself

Who would want to have dirty-looking tiles in their homes? Whether it’s in your kitchen, your floors or your bathroom, having shiny, smudge-free tiles will make you feel a lot cheerful. And you’ll be the envy of other homeowners.

But apart from this, cleaning your tiles properly will give them more years to their lifespan. And that saves you so much by not having to change your tiles earlier than necessary. And you can to it all on your own, which saves you on professional cleaning fees.

To achieve this, you will need this guide on how to maintain gloss of your tiles and their cleanliness.

  1. Gather the things you will need: liquid soap, lint-free cloths, and hot water.
  2. Mix soap and hot water. Soak a cloth in the mixture and wash the tiles. Do a whole area all at once. If it is greasy, you might need to wash it twice.
  3. Rinse off the soap from the tiles using a different cloth soaked in clean water. Wash the whole area altogether.
  4. Next, use another cloth to dry off the tiles. Polish the whole area to dry them completely.
  5. Repeat the process on another tiled area.

That is all you need to do to keep your tiles, and your home, clean without spending too much. Now that you know the proper way to do it yourself when it comes to cleaning tiles, you will definitely skip other pricey methods.

Without the need for professional services, expensive cleaning products, and expert cleaning knowledge, you can still keep your tiles looking new and fresh. This is why effective DIY methods are such a hit. And you can even learn new DIY tricks on how to clean kitchen tiles and get rid of food particles in between. All on a budget.

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Author: Grace M Simpson