The Best Features On The New iPhone XS

iPhone XS

Features On The New iPhone XS

While not everyone is going to feel the need to upgrade to the newest iPhone, the XS model, it does have some big improvements over earlier models that make it a great phone to have. If you love a fast processor or take a lot of photos, especially portraits, the XS is going to be a huge improvement over earlier iPhones for you. Check out the best new features on the iPhone XS and then decide if the iPhone XS is something that is worth upgrading to:

Better Camera

Photographers this iPhone is a must-have for you. The updated camera brings the iPhone XS into the range of professional gear that you can use to take high-quality photos of just about anything. There is also an enhanced portrait mode which means that you can get stunning selfies and fantastic portraits of all your friends. If you’re trying to build your personal brand or you want to become a social media influencer you need to have stunning photos and this iPhone will deliver them. And if you want to go pro shooting weddings and other events this phone will allow you to get amazing candid photos without using a professional camera.

iPhone XS
Take Incredible Photos With An Even Better Camera

Improved Face Recognition

Face recognition was one of the coolest features unveiled on the landmark iPhone X that came out last year on the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. But many users complained that it was difficult to get the face recognition to work properly and they often got locked out of their phones and had to rely on touch or unlocking with a passcode. The new iPhone XS has a dramatically improved ability to scan your face so that face recognition works a lot more efficiently than it did before on the iPhone X.

A Better Processor

You wanted the iPhone to do more, and to do it faster and Apple was listening to you. The iPhone XS has the fastest processor out there today- an A12 bionic processor. If functionality and speed are what matters to you when you are selecting a phone this new iPhone, in either the smaller version that is the XS or the larger version which is the XS Plus, can deliver the speed and functionality you want. With the faster speed, it will be easier to spy on text messages by using Best Cell Phone Spy Apps.  The new iPhone also has extended battery life which is very important if you use your phone frequently throughout the day and are sick of having to charge it all the time. The extended use battery can keep up with you no matter whether you are traveling, working, or doing a selfie photo shoot.

iPhone XS
The Upgraded Features Come With An Upgraded Price

There are a lot of fantastic upgrades on the iPhone XS but those upgrades come with an upgrade in price as well. If you don’t need the extra features that the XS has you might be better off waiting for a year to upgrade. Next year when another new model comes out the price of the XS will drop and it will be a lot more affordable. It’s the same with the next iPad model. But if you just have to get your hands on the iPhone XS now you can get it for around $1000 depending on the options that you choose.

Author: Grace M Simpson